3. How to evaluate and purchase

Power profiling solution consists of following commercial components:

1. Labjack U3-HV DAQ  and software drivers. 

2. Labjack LJTick-InAmp signal conditioning module 

3. Herwood Technologies  TimeToPic bundle 

And following open sourced utilities:

1. Open sourced  Power2TimeToPic LabJack DAQ recorder

2. Optional open sourced Serial2TimeToPic RS232  protocol converter

The recommended evaluation path 

Check example usage video that you over view how measure works in practise:

This video shows how easy the actual measurement is after you have all software installed. In the video user will start needed application, starts logging, waits a while and starts analysis. 

Then, before purchasing anything, test TimeToPic suitability for analysis work. After this, study how LabJack fits for your needs. See steps below.

Windows operating system is needed (Win 7, Win 8 or Win 10).

0$ investment cost at start

1. Download TimeToPic bundle and test if you like TimeToPic as measurement UI. TimeToPic has many other uses too in addition to power profiling.  If you plan log also software activity, do minimal instrumentation to application and verify setup. 
2. Check with your electronics engineers that Labjack components specifications meet your measurement requirements (sample rate, resolution, voltage range, impedance, etc).
3. Purchase from LabJack needed components. In addition to power profile, LabJack DAQ can be used for other electronics measurement and test automation HW interface. Your choices are U3-HV or U3-HV+LJTick-InAmp.

+Labjack equipment cost (LabJack offered U3-HV for 114 USD and LJTick-InAmp for 59 USD  10th Sep 2015)

4. Install Labjack drivers from LabJack web (Test using LabJack software LJ Control panel). 
5. Download and install Power2TimeToPic and test it with Labjack DAQ. Installer will have guide to how perform basic measurements.
6. Do test measurement from your target using Power2TimeToPic, TimeToPic logger and TimeToPic applications. 

Now you can use Power2TimeTopic for logging with Labjack DAQ. 

7. Integrate software logging to your setup. Do minimal instrumentation to your application code. Good place for instrumentation is code that result significant power level change. 
8. Do test measurement with combined setup. See how software performs over time. Use TimeToPic channel timestamp offset adjustment feature to align current graph perfectly. 

Now you are ready for daily operations using combined measurement. 

9. Purchase TimeToPic license to remove time limits. 

+TimeToPic software license cost (50USD)

Now you are ready for daily operations using combined measurement. 

Before purchasing anything, please check questions and answers.  We want save your money.

Warnings and precautions:
  1. To avoid injury, make sure that you understand how electronics devices are operating them safely. We cannot be liable for any damage / injury cause.