2. Questions and answers

Electronics measurement

Q: What are the specs of measurements
A: LabJack U3-HV + LJTick-DAC+Used software and hardware configuration setup can measure one differential channel that input voltage is ~0-5.8mV (when using gain 201). This range is converted to digital using 12-bit conversion that allows 4096 steps. 

Without LJTick-DAC, the DAQ input Voltage range is 0-2.4V with 12-bit resolution that makes ~5.8mV/bit. Labjack makes differential measurement for pins FIO4 & FIO5. Max differential voltage is 2.4V.

Sample Rate is 50Hz-2000Hz that can set using Power2TimeToPic. 

Q: How voltage value is converted to current? 
Power2TimeToPIc  uses user definable constant to convert Udiff to I [A].  Actual value is displayed on microAmps on log.  If user is using resistor R=0.5 Ohm and Voltage top of it is 0.01V then current would I=U/R   0.01V / 0.5 = 0.02 A  = 20mA.  In this case the constant C = 2 ==>   0.01V * C = 0.02 A 

Q: Can LabJack U3-HV used without  LJTick-DAC and use own amplifier? 
Yes. Labjack makes differential measurement for pins FIO4 & FIO5. Max differential voltage is 2.4V.

Q: Can LabJack U3-HV used without  LJTick-DAC and and connect wires directly to FIO4-5?
Yes. If using without amplifier, the used range of DAQ input voltage is 0-2.4V. You measurement setup needs to create enough voltage drop to become visible. 

Labjack makes differential measurement for pins FIO4 & FIO5.

Q: What signals needs to be connected? 
FIO4, FIO5 and GND. 

Example circuit example when no amplifier is used.

Q: What I can expect to see? 
Depending on sample rate and behavior of device: 
- average steady current value if system does not do anything while powered?
- some kind pattern changing over the time when system is running?
- When zooming close,  AC ripple if autoscale is on?

Q: Can Power2TimeToPic used with another type of DAQ? 
No. However, Power2TimeToPic is open source and advanced developer can set up another LabJack product or write support to other devices as well.

Q: Can I use other interfaces for SW activity logging than RS232? 
Yes. Read TimeToPic pages about this. 

Q: What else I can do TimeToPic bundle? 
TimeToPic analysis software reads files. This means that any problem, topic, case that is writable to file can be analysed after conversion.  TimeToPic logger can be used generic purpose R&D logging UI for various environments. >> First line logging & analyzing solution to specific problems where COTS (commercial on the shelf) solution is not yet been purchased to your company. 

Combined software analysis and current measurement

Q: What is idea of combining current graph with software activity?  What quick benefits I will get by looking the pictures?
You will see immediately what impacts to what. This understanding, focuses your engineering effort very fast.  Impact to visibility is something similar when adding oscilloscope/logic analyzer in addition to voltage meter to lab. 

Q: What format software activity log needs to follow?

Q: How timestamps are synchronized of data streams?
This depends on your SW activity logging system. In addition, TimeToPic has user feature for adjusting channel time offset manually. Serial2TimeToPic will use receiver generated TimeStamps like Power2TimeToPic do. These application will use PC clock and synchronization is pretty straightforward.

About guides and instructions

Q: What guides are available? 
Power2TimeToPic installer will contain guide how to measure analyze. 
timetopic.herwoodtechnologies.com will have information about TimeToPic usage. TimeToPic logger and TimeToPic have their own guides as well.  Before getting overwhelmed by guides, please check following video and you get understanding about complexity.

Q: What support is available?
In case you have problems with logging using TimeToPic logger and Power2TimeToPic, Herwood Technologies will answer questionsRegarding U3-HV and LJTick-DAC, only please consult Labjack. 

About warranty

Q: It does not work for me and I have purchased stuff worth of 200 dollars?
Labjack and TimeToPic are separate products that produces combination. Labjack is not responsible of TimeToPic and Herwood Technologies is not responsible of Labjack. In case you have problems with logging using TimeToPic logger and Power2TimeToPIc, Herwood Technologies will answer questions. Regarding U3-HV and LJTick-DAC only please consult Labjack. 

Before purchase, study that solution is useful for you. Keep also in mind that Labjack has many other uses as well as TimeToPic bundle. 

We (Herwood technologies) implemented this add-on for TimeToPic users for extending possibilities. 

Herwood Technologies does not refund purchase. 

Q: There is bug in TimeToPic logger bundle software. 
Herwood Technologies will study and fix the bug if seen feasible. Usually all reported bugs have been fixed.