4. Screenshots

Labjack measurement setup when using amplifier. If voltage measured top of measure resistor is very low, it needs to be amplified for sensible values. U3-HV has 12 bit resolution for range 0-2.4V. Amplifier amplifies small voltage and then more bits are used for reporting voltage level. 

When measurement is ready, you can analyse both software [A] and electronics [B] performance on same view.

It can be clearly seen how ”5sec PowerDown” mode drops power level.

Example connection for measure resistor. Blue and red wire goes to Labjack amplifier. Power needed for device being measured goes via resistor. This voltage drop is measured and is then converted to current value. Resistor value on this example is ~0.6 Ohm. 

Power2TimeToPic monitor mode tells basics about your setup. 
If you have configured conversion factor, Vdiff can converted to current value. With formula it is possible calculate P = U * I and E = Integral of P (mAh). 

Power2TimeToPic is application that handles Labjack U3-HV DAQ interfacing. UI is optimized for power analysis hence simple to use.  When starting, application checks if DAQ is present. If it is, then you can start measuring right away.

Power2TimeToPic configuration is very easy. In most cases you need to define only voltage to current multiplier factor. 

TimeToPic Logger is generic purpose software logging tool that handles several incoming streams and sorts their data based on their timestamps. 

This enables merging 2 different data sources into single analysis file.